P2P Plazas: a Southern European Network is the result of observing unexpected transformations of urban environments over the last four years in Madrid. Emerging communities are taking over abandoned or underused infrastructures in the city. These ecologies are the breeding ground for grass roots movements, solidarity networks and independent cultural scene. Another city emerges standing against neoliberal practices and nurturing a commons oriented way of living. But that’s not only happening in Madrid. The peer-to-peer urban approach is spread all over Southern Europe, particularly during last years due to collapse of democratic institutions, economical crisis and rising movements against neoliberalism. The cultural, historical and social common background shared across the region is the approach we focus on. We share more than being the PIGS. And we’re proud of it.

Mapping is about sketching subjective representations and trying to understand, illustrate and share paths of knowledge. Although there are many more interesting places that deserve to be acknowledged and we have compiled them, we preferred to keep a short list of plazas in this map and select samples of good practices that show the complexity, possibilities, challenges and threatens of these autonomous spaces.  This research follows its own, simple taxonomy. There’s probably a million ways of improving it and making it more complete. However, we prefer to stick to the idea of one’s own way of looking at maps when it comes to follow P2P Plazas’ cartography:
squat / occupation = #d27591 (purple)
cession = #7ec9b1 (green)
rent = #fa946e (orange)
mixed model / in process of changing = #548cba (blue)
evicted / in danger = #f86767 (red)


 During 2015, P2P Plazas: a Southern European Network was hosted as a “research in residency” at Medialab-Prado (Madrid).

imaginario-logoShooting and post production of audio visual interviews to participants in several community spaces in Madrid has been possible thanks to a collaboration with Imaginario Social during Autumn 2015. Powerful women at work. Do not disturb.

logo_server_ttWe proudly host this site in Trayectorias Tecno-Lógicas’ server. Supporting digital commons and autonomous sovereignty over our communications global wide.

Special thanks to Belén G. Nieto for her invaluable work at the back end of programming the digital layout of the project, to Stacco T. & Ann Marie U. for exquisite language support being the best Guerrilla Translators ever and to Rubén for non-stop thinking during never ending walks through the city.

Researching the common urban environment across Southern Europe has been a lot more joyful alongside fellow research project conducted by the following Idea Makers (2014): Public Space Tools, by Straddle3; Open Space Public Devices, by radarq; Sarantaporo.net, by Vasilis Chryssos; Consortium Inestabile, by Pollinaria.

Meeting over the year in different places, together with staff from the ECF has contributed to strengthen a wider network around the commons.

P2P Plazas: A Souther European Network is an original idea by Carmen Lozano Bright, developed during 2015. You may contact her at:

p2p.plazas [@] gmail.com

@p2p_plazas in Twitter